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Journal of Clinical Oncology

The Journal of Clinical Oncology serves its readers as credible, authoritative resource for disseminating significant clinical oncology research. In print and in electronic format, JCO strives to publish the highest quality articles dedicated to clinical research. Original Reports remain the focus of JCO, but this scientific communication is enhanced by appropriately selected Editorials, Commentaries, Reviews, and other work that relate to the care of patients with cancer.

JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics

JCO CCI is an interdisciplinary and borderless journal publishing clinically relevant research based on biomedical informatics methods and processes applied to cancer-related data, information, and images.

In addition to original research, JCO CCI publishes reviews, editorials, and commentaries, reporting on biomedical informatics studies relevant to cancer treatment, care delivery, outcomes, and prevention. The publication also seeks papers that advance the development, interpretation, and clinical application of cancer informatics research.

JCO Oncology Practice

JCO Oncology Practice (JCO OP) provides necessary information and insights to keep oncology practice current on changes and challenges inherent in delivering quality oncology care. All content dealing with understanding the provision of care—the mechanics of practice—is the purview of JCO OP. JCO OP also addresses an expressed need of practicing physicians to have compressed, expert opinion addressing common clinical problems.

JCO Precision Oncology

JCO Precision Oncology publishes original research, reports, opinions, and reviews that will advance the science and practice of precision oncology and define genomics-driven clinical care of patients with cancer. Innovative and timely scientific and educational content provides a deeper understanding of actionable cancer genomics, personalized translational and clinical oncology research, and recent treatment advances based on tumor molecular profiling.

The scope of publications includes all types of clinical research (basket trials, exceptional response results, informatics, mechanism and evidence-based case reports and small series of educational value), and extensive expert driven commentary, editorials and reviews considering the challenges and value of targeted therapies based on genomic analyses.

JCO Global Oncology

JCO Global Oncology (JGO) is an online only, open access journal focused on cancer care, research and care delivery issues unique to countries and settings with limited healthcare resources. JCO GO aims to provide a home for high-quality literature that fulfills a growing need for content describing the array of challenges health care professionals in resource-constrained settings face. Article types include original reports, review articles, commentaries, correspondence/replies, special articles and editorials.


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