French National Centre for Scientific Research

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French National Centre for Scientific Research

The French National Center for Scientific Research (French: Centre national de la recherche scientifique, CNRS) is the French state research organisation and is the largest fundamental science agency in Europe.


CNRS operates on the basis of research units, which are of two kinds: "proper units" (UPRs) are operated solely by the CNRS, and "joint units" (UMRs - French: Unité mixte de recherche) are run in association with other institutions, such as universities or INSERM. Members of joint research units may either be CNRS researchers or university employees (maîtres de conférences or professeurs). Each research unit has a numeric code attached and is typically headed by a university professor or a CNRS research director. A research unit may be subdivided into research groups ("équipes"). CNRS also has support units which may for instance supply administrative, computing, library, or engineering services.


French National Centre for Scientific

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